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WTF 52
74 mins

1. Taking Care Of Beatles - MP3J vs Jimmi Jammes
2. Tangled Up In Walrus - Bob Dylan/Beatles/Cover
3. Eat My Hand - Beatles/Collapsed Lung
4. Fat Lip Breakthrough - The Doors/Sum 41
5. Thank You Buzzcocks - Beatles/Buzzcocks
6. Baby You're A Round Man - Sugarbabes/Beatles
7. Hi Hi HI - Wings/Cover
8. She's A Woman - Beatles/Cover
9. Monkey's Gone To Heaven - Pixies (MP3J Guitar Free mix)
10. Words Are Flowing Out - Beatles/Chicks On Speed/Samples
11. Everybody Had A Revolution - Beatles/Samples
12. Stop That Bitter - Beastie Boys/Pluto Shervington
13. Rock'n Me Back - Steve Miller Band/Beatles
14. Hardcore Music Fan - Samples/Queen/Beatles
15. Ballad Of Roam - B 52's/Beatles/Cover
16. Taxman Told Me - Beatles/Monkees
17. United States Of Rain - Liam Lynch/Beatles
18. Axis For No One - Jimi Hendrix/Beatles


Must All Things Pass?

1. If Not For Body Moving
2. So Alive Behind That Locked Door
3. Silly Window Window
4. Isn't It A Dream
5. My Sweet Triple
6. Don't Mug Gopala
7. Ballad Of The Word
8. Run Of The Mill
9. EveryBody Knows Nobody
10. What Is Lifestyles
11. The Art Of Dreaming
12. I Dig Come
13. United Wah Wah
14. Beautiful Scruffy Dance
15. Pepperoni Love Generation
16. Hear Me Lord, Alright
17. Awaiting A Test
18. L.S.Down
19. Beware Pushing Forward
20. Apple Scruffed
21. All Things Must Pass


beatles vs the clash


WTF 49 is at the link below, because the podomatic upload process drives me nuts!



Napoleon XIV vs The Beatles



The new home of BR....fed up with gossiping.net messing around.
I hope you'll (re)join us :lol:


Beatles v Son House.
Features....John The Revelator, Why Don't We Do It In The Road? and Come Together.
Made for the BR song of the month challenge, March 2008.


WTF 48
78 mins.
Thanks to Totom, and Phatbuzz for materials.

1. Rinse For No One - Beatles (For No One), Rinse The Raindrops (Twin Freaks)
2. And Now It's All This - Depeche Mode (Personal Jesus), Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze), Beatles (She Said, With A Little Help, Paperback Writer).
3. Revolution Creek - Beatles (Revolution), Mamas And Papas (Creek Alley) + extra percussion by MP3J.
4. God Only Knows She's Leaving - Beatles (She's Leaving Home), Beach Boys (God Only Knows).
5. Pinball Wizard - The Who (Pinball Wizard), with extra beats and effectes by MP3J.
6. Kansas City Gas - Beatles (Kansas City), T.Rex (Life's A Gas).
7. Maybe I'm Lucy - Maybe I'm Amazed (Twin Freaks), Beatles (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds).
8. Can't Buy Me Days - Beatles (Can't Buy Me Love), Dirty Vegas (These Days).
9. Because - Beatles, George Martin, Vanessa Mae.
10. She Said Black Mirror - Beatles (She Said She Said), Arcade Fire (Black Mirror).
11. Get It On Beethoven - Beatles (Roll Over Beethoven), T.Rex (Get it On).
12. Eleanor's Shadow - Beatles (Eleanor Rigby), Honeycut (Shadows)
13. Beacause - Beatles, MPB4.
14. Long Haired Fool Leaving Home - Beatles (Fool On The Hill, She's Leaving Home), Twin Freaks (Long Haired Lady.
15. Because - Weird Beatles Collage Type Thing.
16. Revolution Tax - Beatles.....Aborted.
17. Dear Yoko - John Lennon/MP3J
18. I Call Your Name - Beatles, The Shags.
19. Things We Said Today - Laurence Juber, The Beatles.
20. Can't Buy Me Love - Beatles, The String Quartet.
21. Hide Your Mumbo Madonna - Beatles (You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, Lady Madonna), Twin Freaks (Mumbo).
22. Eleanor Rigby - Beatles, The Standells.
23. Rinse The Walrus - Beatles (I Am The Walrus), Twin Freaks (Rinse The Raindrops).
24. Paper Tax - Beatles (Taxman), M.I.A. (Paperplanes), Pink Floyd (Money).


WTF 47
78 mins
special thanks to Totom, Aggro1, and World Famous Audio Hacker.

1. Only Pepper Weeps/With A Little Help From My Friends/Collage
...my track from Tuned To A Natural E Vol 5 by Beatles Remixers Group, features Sgt Pepper + (reprise), While My Guitar Gently Weeps, It's Only Love,
With A Little Help From My Friends, and many other samples.

2. Crowded Ringo - Ringo Starr (Tuff Love), Crowded House (Don't Dream It's Over)

3. Sgt Pepper's Rip Off - The Beatles and T.Rex

4. Unfinished Jigsaw 1 - Beats by MP3J, with lots of samples,
including Beatles, Cream, Britney Spears, Queen, Ramones, Nirvana, Doors, Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, Sex Pistols, Lily Allen, Altered Images.

5. With A Little Help From Lucy - The Beatles
First of three here made for BeatlesRemixers Forum Song Of The Month Challenge.

6. Imagine Apologies - John Lennon and Nirvana

7. Don't Download Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles and Weird Al Jankovic

8. Because - Beatles and *unknown*

9. Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles and The Ventures (slightly altered version)

10. Lucy In The Sky with diamonds (MP3J Tab Remix)

11. Bulldog Walrus - The Beatles
A second track made for TTANE 5...rejected. I Am The Walrus/Hey Bulldog, and some MMT samples.

12. Liverpoool 8 - Ringo starr (MP3J remix)

13. Superstition In Her Heart - Stevie Wonder and The Beatles

14. Run For Your Highway - AC/DC and The Beatles (Aborted)

15. Starting Over - John Lennon (Aborted)

16. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Beatles and *unknown*

18. I Want To Hold Your Firestarter - The Beatles and The Prodigy.

19. About Losing You - John Lennon and Nirvana

20. R U Ready To Dance Tonight - Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney

21. You've Got To Hide Your E.V.A. - The Beatles and Jean Jacques Perrey.

22. Only Pepper Weeps (Original) - The Beatles and beats.

23. Drive My Car (MP3J Horny mix) - The Beatles and samples.


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